The Dollar Tree has all of their Easter decorations out and I picked up a few of them. They have a set of carrot shaped bags that caught my eye. These bags are so cute and would make great goody bags. I love to change things up here at The Shabby Tree and I think these carrot bags would make perfect bunny ears.

The supplies I will be using to turn these bags into ears are:

1. One set of the Dollar Tree goody bags

2. Scissors

3. Wire or you can use needle and thread

4. Seam ripper

The first step is to use the seam ripper to take off the green strip of fabric from the orange fabric.

You will want to use the seam ripper to cut the two strips of thread holding on the green fabric.

This is very easy to do and should easily come apart.

You will want to do this to both carrot bags.

Set the green fabric aside because you can use that to create a small bow later on.

I folded the end of the carrot up and under so that it would have a finished edge at the bottom.

I used a piece of thin wire to gather the bottom of the carrot. You can sew or glue the end of the carrot but I want to be able to remove these ears if I want.

I used the wire the same way I would use a needle and thread.

You can create a simple rag bow using the pieces of the green material.

I attached a piece of wire to the back of the bow.

I attached the ears to my everyday gnome to create a fun Easter gnome. These ears can easily be removed after Easter.

These ears can easily turn a grapevine ball into a fun and unique bunny head.

These Dollar Tree bags are so easy to get creative with and very easy to work with. I hope you will have fun and give this easy Diy a try.