Ok Fall is right around the corner and the Dollar Tree started putting out their pumpkins. I love to put a variety of pumpkins throughout my home for Fall and Halloween. Sometimes I like to change up the Dollar Tree items. They have an orange foam pumpkin I just knew we could create into a fancier looking pumpkin.
The supplies you will need for this are:
1. Orange foam pumpkin from the Dollar Tree
2. Box cutter or knife
3. Marker
4. Spray paint ( I am using a gold and a green)
5. Stick for stem
6. Glue gun
7. Spanish moss
I made these pumpkins two different ways. One I cut out a jack o lantern face and the other I left as is.
I used a box cutter to cut out the face and a whole in the bottom.
Once my face was cut out I then covered them with a gold spray paint.
Once the pumpkins are dry I then added a stem and moss to the top with hot glue.
I did not cut faces out of all the pumpkins. I left some as they were and spray painted them with a pistachio green spray paint.
I cut a whole out of the bottom so that I can add some battery operated lights .