Okay I did a little shopping today and I stopped in the Dollar Tree. They are beginning to put out their Spring items. We do a lot of crafts using Dollar Tree items so I thought I would share what I saw today.

When you first enter the store you will notice the spring colors and the Easter items.

I like to show you the new arrivals so that you can grab them while they are fully stocked.

They have a variety of plastic Easter eggs. These are great for crafting and can always be painted or decoupaged.

Decorative napkins are always a great item to get for crafting.

I always tell everyone to keep an open mind when looking at items. You can always get creative and change things up.

We will be getting creative here at The Shabby Tree and changing up a few of the wooden Easter items.

They have a variety of artificial flowers.

You can use a lot of the foam and cardboard Easter items as a stencil.

It will be time to start creating fun and unique items for your yard. They have a variety of garden items.

You will find a lot of amazing craft items in their unfinished wood section.

You will find paints, glue and glitter.

They recently just added yarn and crochet items to their craft section.

A few other items I always like to grab in the Dollar Tree are foam balls, foam and wire wreaths, twine and socks.

If you’re a crafter you also might want to grab rubber gloves, glue sticks and a few mop heads.

I know not all Dollar Tree’s carry the same items which is why I thought I would share what I saw today. It is a great place to go and find items to get creative with.