I love to put some bigger items in my 9ft Christmas tree and I knew when I saw these large tags in Dollar Tree they would be perfect. I wanted to use these tags as a way to incorporate a message onto my tree. This is a very quick and simple DIY.


The supplies you will need are:

1. Large wooden tag from Dollar Tree

2. Hot glue gun

3. Magnetic primer

4. Paint brush

5. Garland ( I’m using a silver tinsel garland)

6. Christmas sprig ( I’m using one I got from Dollar Tree)

7. Scissors

The first step is take take the price tag off the bag side of hang tag. I will be painting the back side and leaving the decorative front as is. The front side would need to be sanded down so I decided to leave front as is. You will be able to flip the hang tag throughout the holidays to change up your decoration


Be sure to mix the magnetic primer really well.

When painting it will appear to get clumpy. Just keep painting and continue to rub off the clumps. You finished product will end up being smooth.


Once your tag is painted and dried it is time to add your garland. I will be adding hot glue around my edges to secure my silver tinsel around the edge. I will be starting at the top of the tag and continue around.


After my garland is glued all around my tag I then added my sprig to the top. I just placed the post of the sprig through the whole on top of the tag and bent sprig down in the back.


I then added magnetic letters to make a cute and decorative message board for my tree


You can be creative and use a variety of trims and embellishments. You can use the magnetic primer like I did or you can use basic black chalkboard paint. I used the magnetic primer so that I can use my magnetic letters. These look amazing in my tree and I hope you all give them a try.