I’m always creating and decorating and I wanted to create a quick and easy star that I can decorate in a variety of ways and sizes.

These stars can be added to your decorative tree or placed on a fireplace mantle. They are very easy to create and the main supplies you will need are:

1. Hot glue

2. Popsicle sticks

3. Professional contractor shims

I got my contractor shims from Home Depot. This can also be done with paint sticks and I am also using popsicle sticks for some of the stars. I wanted a variety of different size stars which is why I am using both popsicle sticks and shims. The popsicle sticks will give me smaller stars and the shims will give me larger stars.

You will need 5 shims for one star.

You will start making your star by joining 2 shims together at the top.

You will want to glue your shims together as you go.

You will want to make make sure all your corners match up correctly before glueing them all in place.

I did this same process with popsicle sticks.

You can leave your stars as is and be done or you can add stain or paint to them.

I am adding a stain to a few and then I am painting a few red.

I chose these two colors because I feel like I can decorate with them all year long.

I am adding a variety of items to a few of them.





I added a simple lace bow to one. You can create a simple bow by using scrap pieces of ribbon.

You just cross cross some pieces of ribbon and tie them together.

I then glued it to the front of the star.

I also added some pom pom garland and tinsel to the others.

These stars are so easy to make and there are so many different ways to decorate them. I hope you will all give this a try and be creative!