I found myself in the Dollar Tree again and I came across some car air fresheners at the check out counter. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to get creative with it. This air freshener can be used as a cute ornament as is. I think we’ll be giving this Little Tree air freshener a few makeovers in the future. Today I want to show you how easy it is to use this air freshener as a pattern.

The items that I’ll be using for this quick and craft are:

1. One Little Trees car air freshener

2. Scissors

3. Double sided Christmas scrapbook paper

4. Ruler

5. Ink pen

6. Hot glue

I purchased my Little Trees car air freshener from the Dollar Tree.

You can find the scrapbook paper that I’m using on my Amazon store front by clicking the link down below.


You’ll want to trace the Little Trees air freshener onto the paper. I’m tracing 2 trees and cutting each tree out.

Once I had both trees cut out I then measured 2.25” inches down from the top center of one tree and then up from the bottom center of the other tree.

Once you have both lines drawn you’ll then cut both lines.

Once you have both lines cut you’ll then slide each tree into one another as shown in photo above.

I added just a touch of hot glue to hold each tree in position.

These trees are so easy to make and you can use any printed paper that you want. I think these are cute for a dough bowl or a two tiered tray. You can add a string to the top and turn these into a fun ornament. I hope you’ll get creative and give this fun idea a try.