I love making new ornaments each year that can be used on my tree or placed on a gift. After looking through my craft supplies I decided to try and make a fun picket fence ornament.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One napkin

2. Decoupage

3. Hot glue

4. Scissors

5. Paint brush

6. Large craft sticks or quart paint sticks

7. Warm white acrylic paint by DecoArt

7. Diamond dust

8. Snow roll or cotton

I lined up four paint sticks as shown in photo above.

I added some hot glue to each paint stick and added a piece of another paint stick to hold them all together.

Once I had all four paint sticks secured together I then painted them with the warm white acrylic paint.

I painted back and front of all four paint sticks. Once the paint was dry I then added some decoupage to the front.

I removed the back layers of the napkin and then placed the napkin over the decoupage.

Once I had the napkin in place I then added more decoupage over the napkin.

I used the paint brush to separate the napkin in between each paint stick.

I decoupaged the napkin around all the edges and curves of the paint sticks.

Once the decoupage was dry I then added more decoupage over the beard and eye brows.

I sprinkled the diamond dust over the decoupage.

I decided to add a small piece of my snow roll to the hat.

I added some hot glue and then the snow roll.

I glued a small piece of tinsel to the backside for a hanger.

You can find the snow roll on our website by clicking the link down below.


This ornament is so quick and easy to make. I love that you can create this ornament for any holiday or season. I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.