I found myself walking up and down Walmart’s craft isles over the weekend. They have some cute unfinished ceramic items that caught my eye. I purchased a cute owl bank for $4.00. There are so many different ways to get creative with this owl. I want to give it a fun and unique look which is why I decided to try paint pouring on it.

You can buy ready pour paint or you can buy pouring medium to mix with paint. I decided to use both on this owl. Walmart only had certain colors available in the ready pour. I wanted to add a few other colors to this owl which is why I’ll also be using the pouring medium.

I wanted to add a few different shaded of brown to this owl. I mixed equal amounts of paint and the pouring medium together in small cups.

I used Nutmeg Brown and Chocolate Bar by Apple Barrel.

I poured some of the browns onto the owl and then I started to add some of the beige. The beige is a ready pour.

There are so many different ways to get creative with paint pouring. I’m adding the paint here and there and I’m letting it all blend into each other.

Once I had the owl covered with paint I then set it aside over night to dry.

I attached a pair of earrings over the eyes of the owl. You can clip off the post to the earrings and use some E6000 glue or some hot glue to attach them to the owl. This owl is a bank but I think it makes a great decoration.