I seem to save a lot of recycled items for crafting and I seem to have a lot of tin cans. We have been creating a few different items using tin cans but this one seems to be my favorite so far. When you are a crafter you seem to have a lot of paint brushes, scissors etc. I just found a fun way to store and carry all of my paint brushes.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Eight recycled tin cans (you want your cans to be all the same size. Mine are 4 1/2 inches high)

2. One piece of scrap wood (I am using a piece of wood 1 inch thick and 11 inches long and 5 inches wide)

3. Spray paint (I am using black)

4. Thin leather belt

5. Screws

6. Nails

7. Drill and drill bit

8. Hammer

9. Scissors

10. Sanding sponge

The first step is to remove all the paper from your cans. I did not worry about getting the glue off because I will put that part of the can towards the wood.

I drilled a hole into each can. You will want to drill the whole on the side of the can that you want screwed to the wood. I drilled my holes on the side of the can where I had the glue from the label. Drill your hole about a half an inch down from the top of the can.

Once I had all the holes drilled I then spray painted each can. I sprayed the inside and outside of each can.

You will be screwing the cans to the piece of wood. This can be created with any size cans but you want to be sure that your wood is the right size to fit in the center of the cans.

I spray painted all the cans and the piece of wood. Once they were all dry I then screwed the cans onto the wood. I will be screwing 4 cans on each side of the wood. You will want to be sure to line the cans even with the bottom edge of your wood.

You will drill the screw into the hole that you drilled into the can.

I screwed four cans down one side of the wood and then I screwed the other four cans on the other side of the wood.

You can spray paint over the screws if you want.

I then cut a strip of an old leather belt. This will be used to create the handle to the carrier.

I cut my strip about 12 inches long.

I then hammered the belt strip onto the top of the wood. You will want your belt strip longer then your wood so that it will have space to create your handle.

I used a sanding sponge to sand some of the black paint off of the cans.

This is so easy to make and I just love how it will hold all of my paint brushes.

You can get so creative with this and I hope you will all have fun and give it a try.