Ok I will not lie I absolutely hate cleaning out the refrigerator. It seems like I’m always having to take my shelves out to wipe them down. After going to Home Goods and Marshall’s I decided to purchase a few organizing containers. The stores seem to have a large variety of organizing containers for your refrigerator. I want to add a few containers to see if it will make cleaning the refrigerator easier.

I’m hoping that adding a few containers will help to keep the shelves cleaner. The container can easily be rinsed out in the sink if need be.

The stores have all different size egg containers. We use a lot of eggs so I went with a larger container.

The containers will be much easier to pull out and clean.

One of my favorite items I added to the refrigerator is the lazy susan.

You can keep all your condiments in the lazy susan. This will be so easy to pull out for the Summer barbeque.

I decided to add a second lazy susan for our jams and butter.

I wanted to share my refrigerator to let you see the different options you have. You can find so many different types of organizing containers. I added these containers because I feel like it will make cleaning the refrigerator a lot easier. If you are wanting to give this a try I highly recommend looking in Home Goods and Marshall’s for the containers.