I love giving little surprise gifts to my friends and workers. If your looking for a fun gift idea and at a low price then your going to love this idea. A lot of the stores carry cute and cozy socks at a great price. Almost everyone would love a pair of cozy socks and you can easily turn them into a fun gift.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Cozy socks

2. Paper cupcake cups (I find these cupcake liners in Home Goods)

3. Push pin

4. Rubber band

5. Red pom pom

6. Cellophane bag (my bag is a 6×9)

7. Ribbon or tinsel

You will need to roll your sock to form a cupcake. I found it easier if I folded the heel of the sock in.

Once you have it rolled you will wrap a rubber and around the sock.

You will insert your rolled sock into the cupcake cup.

Put the push pin through the pom pom and pin onto the top of your sock cupcake.

You can place this cupcake into a cellophane bag and add a ribbon or tinsel.

You can make these cupcakes with any colored socks or cupcake cups.

These are so quick and easy to make. I love this idea for a party favor or a small gift for a group of friends.