Here at The Shabby Tree we keep trees up at our warehouse for every holiday all year long. Since we moved I have been behind on getting our Spring and Easter tree back up and decorated. This is a 7.5 feet tree that is fully decorated with items created by our talented followers. I will show you the start to finish of this tree.

This is a pre lit tree but I added 3 strands of our amazing twinkle lights that we sell on our website. . You will find the link at the bottom of this blog for the twinkle lights. If you follow The Shabby Tree then you know I am obsessed with trees and lights and I always add twinkle lights throughout my home.

Once the twinkle lights are added to the tree I then add my ribbon. This tree will be filled with a variety of items so I keep the ribbon simple.

I use a burlap ribbon that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.

I wrap the ribbon around the tree and I will twist a few of the branches around sections of the ribbon. Twisting a few of the branches around sections of the ribbon help keep it in place and allow me to add fullness to the ribbon.

Once the lights and ribbon are in place I then added a few Easter sprigs to the top of the tree. I found these sprigs at a whole sale company.

I always like to add my larger items to the tree first and then work in all the smaller items.

This tree is a place for me to display our followers creativity so we have a variety of items on this tree.

I hope you will look at these photos and find ideas for ways to get creative.

I would love to know if you see one of your creations on this tree.

This tree is in a tree rotating stand and I placed a wooden tree collar around the bottom of the tree.

We love our Spring and Easter tree and it makes us happy to see all of our followers talent and creativity.

Here is the link for the twinkle lights

Here is my amazon affiliate link for the tree turning stand that I use