I started decorating for Spring and I always seem to decorate my mantel first. There are a few items that I always keep on mantel and then I add in the seasonal decorations.

I always like to keep a garland with lights on my mantel. You can keep a basic greenery garland and then add a few floral stems to it. I have a few daisy stems in my garland right now. You can find the stems that I have in my garland on our website by clicking the link below.


I use a strand of 50 lights on my garland. You can find the lights that I used by clicking the link below.


My mantel is stone so I use stocking hooks to hold up my garland. You don’t see the hooks behind the garland. You can check out the one’s that I use from Amazon by clicking my referral link down below.


I have a beaded lace egg on each side if the mantel. You can see how we made the eggs by clicking the link down below.


The beaded lace bunny head is in the center of my mantel. I have it hanging on a black chalkboard that we made from an old frame. You can find the directions for the bunny head by clicking the link down below.


I wanted a pop of color so I added the two carrots that we created here at The Shabby Tree. The one standing up lights up and looks great at night. You can find the directions for the light up carrot down below.


I love creating things for my home and I love showing you how I incorporate them into my home.

I hope my mantel will inspire you to get creative and decorate your home with items that make you happy.