Ok everyone i just made the cutest thing from some twigs from the trees throughout my yard. All your going to need for this project is 5 sticks all the same length, clippers to cut your sticks,scissors and twine.

Your going to crisscross your first two sticks and secure them in place by wrapping your twine. I wrapped my twine going in all directions so it will hold it secure.

I just tied the twine in a knot and cut off the ends.

Then your going to cross another stick over and do the same thing to the ends that cross.

Again when your done wrapping your twine , tie it in a knot and then cut the ends.

You now have a cross formed with all your end points secured with twine. Next I wrapped twine around all of my center sections that cross over.

When your done all of your section of sticks that cross over each other should be secured in placed with twine. These stars are so cute and can be used any where. I added some solar lights to a few of mine so they light up at night.