Ok I finally went and checked out my local thrift store. It has been a while since I have been to any thrift store. I love going to thrift stores to find items that we can change up and get creative with. Today I found a lot of glass items and I knew right away that I wanted to change them up. I love old antique cream ware but it is usually very pricey in the antique stores. We are going to use some cream spray paint and turn my finds into some amazing cream pieces.

I found a variety of different glass items that I knew would look amazing cream.

I will be using a Heirloom White colored spray paint. I always like to use the 2x ultra cover spray paint.

I washed all of my glass items first and then I gave them a few light coats of spray paint. You always want to do light coats and give some drying time between each coat.

These look amazing clustered together above my pie safe. I love them cream because they will look amazing with any type of flower in them. This was so quick and easy to do and I hope you will all give it a try. You can change up almost anything with a little spray paint.