I found myself walking around Home Depot today and I came across a fun and unique ceiling tile. This ceiling tile can be used for so many different things in your home. It would make an amazing backsplash in a kitchen. I love old ceiling tins and I knew I had to buy a few of these to see how creative we can get.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One silver vinyl ceiling tile from Home Depot

2. Scissors

3. Drill and drill bit

4. Hot glue gun

5. Wire cutters

6. Mesh wire basket from the Dollar Tree

7. Hanging garden chain from the Dollar Tree

8. Hole puncher

The first step is to cut the ceiling tile into 3 pieces.

You want to cut the pieces so that you have three long strips with four cubes in each strip.

You will then fold the strip into four sections. I folded each section at the line between each cube.

We will be making three different items out of these three strips. The first item will be a lantern for a candle. I decided to use the drill and drill bit to drill holes into the design of each cube.

This is very easy to do if you place the strip on a piece of wood and then drill the holes.

You will now need to fold in the end of one side of the strip. This fold will allow you to over lap the other end and glue the ends together.

I then did the exact steps to the second strip. This one will be a little different because I am creating this one to be a hanging solar lantern.

Once I had the holes drilled and the ends glued together I then added a piece of the wire mesh basket to the top.

I used the wire cutters to cut off the top and bottom section of the wire basket. You will then cut a piece that will slide up into the ceiling tile.

I punched holes with the hole puncher at the corners of the ceiling tile. You can use zip ties to secure the piece of wire basket in place. I then used the wire cutters to snip a hole for the solar light to slide down into it.

You can clip the garden hanging chain to the wire mesh basket piece for hanging.

Your last strip will be for covering a tree or plant container. I did not drill holes into this piece.

This ceiling tile cost about $20 in Home Depot and we created three fun and unique item out of it. I hope you will all get creative with this and give it a try.