I was shopping in Walmart over the weekend and I came across a plastic chocolate bunny for 98 cents. I knew as soon as I saw it that we can change it up so many different ways.

I want to change the look of this plastic bunny using paints and a little cinnamon.

I am using a silver and black paint as well as a brown antique polish.

I first painted the bunnies with silver paint. It will take at least two coats of the silver paint. I might add some rust colored paint to them here and there.

I added some antique wash and black paint but I used a rag to wipe some off as I went. You will want to get creative and create the bunny how you want it to look.

I added more of the antique polish here and there and I then sprinkled on the cinnamon.

I created one bunny to look very primitive and grungy and then I created another bunny to have a metal or tin look.

I hope you will get a few of these bunnies from Walmart and get creative with them.