I recently picked up a few microfiber car clothes from the Dollar Tree. These are so easy to craft with and I think they can easily be turned into some fun snowmen heads.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Microfiber car cloth from the Dollar Tree

2. Elmers glue

3. Cream thread and needle

4. Black and orange embroidery thread

5. Mica flakes

6. Scissors

7. Poly-fil

I coffee stained my microfiber cloth to give my snowman head a more primitive look. You can see how I coffee stain my fabric by clicking the link below.


Once I had my cloth stained I then cut out circles to create the snowman head.

You will want to cut out two circles and then sew them together leaving an opening . You cam make your circles as big or as small as you want.

Once you have the circles sewn together you will add the poly-fil.

Once you have the poly-fil added you will want to sew the opening shut.

You will use the orange embroidery thread to create the nose to your snowman head.

Once you have the nose created you will use the black embroidery thread to create the eyes and mouth.

Once you have the face sewn on you will run the Elmer’s glue over the whole snowman head.

The last step is to sprinkle on the mica flakes.

These are very easy to make and look great in a dough bowl but can also be used on a tree. I hope you will get creative and give these a try.