Ok a lot of our followers seem to be doing a Fall craft fair. I thought it would be fun to share some of our crafts that I think would sell great at a craft fair. It is always so hard to decide what to make for a craft fair. You want to make good quality items but you want to keep them at a low cost. We are always making fun and unique items here at The Shabby Tree and I think we have a few that would sell great at a craft fair.

A doily covered lamp shade is fun and unique. This is something that people won’t find in any random store and might be willing to pay more for it. You can find the directions right below.


Decorative hang tags for all different holidays are always fun to have. These can be used so many different ways and your customers will not find these in any random store. You can see how I make mine right below.








Small pumpkin containers that can be used as a decoration or filled with candy for a gift idea. You can see how we made these right below


Fun and unique stuffed pumpkins are always a must have for a Fall craft fair. You can see how we have made a few different kind down below.














A 3D pumpkin is always fun and unique. This pumpkin does not cost a lot to make and can be created in all different colors or prints. You can find the directions on how to make it down below.


It’s always good to have a variety of pumpkins in all different sizes. I love how unique these pumpkins are and you can see how we made them down below.


It’s always good to have a few different types of wreathes at a craft fair. You can find the directions for a few that I think would be great for a craft fair down below.






If you’ll be doing a craft show at some time I hope that you will give a few of these Diy’s a try. We have so many more Diy’s that you can check out on our blog down below.