Fall will be here before you know it! I gathered up a few of my favorite, unique pumpkin DIYs to get your mind headed in that direction!

How To Use Decorative Tape To Make A Fun Pumpkin







This one is such a fun one cause you can mix and match the different types of decorative tape you use! All you need is a little cutting board, some raffia, some glitter and some bling, and you are all set to take on this fun DIY!








How To Make A Pumpkin Out Of Books





This pumpkin DIY is perfect to put somewhere throughout your home! It creates such a unique style! 








How To Make Pumpkins From A Roll Of Jute 







This DIY proves that decorating for holidays doesn’t have to be expensive! You just have to get creative with what you have! This is such a fun and quick one to try!








DIY Cardboard Pumpkin







This is another DIY that is budget-friendly! It uses cardboard and brown lunch bags! These are items that I hope everyone will have access to.








DIY Pumpkin Lantern




You guys know that there are several ways to get creative with embroidery hoops! This is such a fun one! I love how it looks with a candle ring and a timer candle! 






DIY Pumpkin Pot







I try to challenge you guys to see ordinary things as a starting point for really fun crafts! This one, we just grabbed a few terra cotta pots and made them into these adorable pumpkins! 







DIY Pumpkin Using An Old Frame





I found these old picture frames from a yard sale and decided they would make super unique pumpkins! I used a scrap of lace curtains with some brown paper and spanish moss. They turned out so cute and they were perfect for my mantle! 






DIY Pumpkin Using A Dollar Tree Candy Container 



You guys know that I love to craft with glitter! Some people don’t like it, but I think it really makes certain DIYs pop! 







DIY Pumpkin Using A Recycled Water Jug




I love using recycled items to craft! It really opens up your crafting supplies when you start looking at everyday items as a way to get creative.



DIY Bushel Basket Pumpkin








DIY Faux Wood Pumpkin



This DIY looks so good and uses really simple supplies! I see wooden pumpkins all the time during the fall and making these faux wood pumpkins was so easy and so much fun!






I really hope you give some of these pumpkins a try this fall! Stay tuned for more fun fall crafts!