Adding a pocket to your decor arsenal is a great way to change up the space for the seasons, fill some space, and brighten up the room. We went through our blog collection and pulled out our favorite ten!

DIY Dollar Tree Placement Pocket

Up first, we have this Dollar Tree Placemat Pocket! This is a budget-friendly project that is easy to make. If you pick a more neutral color, all you have to do is change out the greenery for the different seasons! Check it out here:

DIY Dollar Tree Hanging Wall Tile Pocket

Next is another one where you can get the supplies from the Dollar Tree! It has more of a metal look to it and would be a great addition to any space! Here is the link to learn how to make it:

DIY Dollar Tree Cooling Rack Pocket

Cooling Rack Pocket is a great way to make a space feel cozy! It is really easy to make! You can make it your own by choosing a yarn color and texture that feels right for your aesthetic! Click the link here to check out the step by step instructions:

DIY Reversible Pocket Using Napkins

This Pocket is great because it’s REVERSIBLE! Get two different looks out of this amazing DIY! Also, if you are looking for napkins that you are sure to love and are great quality, check out European Excellency:

Click here for step by step instructions for this cutesy pocket:

DIY Envelope Pocket

For this next DIY Pocket, it’s a little unique and I really feel like you could have a lot of fun changing it up with the seasons! You can see in the photo what I did for Valentine’s Day, but you can really take this and make it fun for every holiday! Check it out here:

Seasonal Pockets

Hanging Heart Pocket

Now this can be year round, but I really love it for Valentine’s Day! It gives such a classy touch to a space with a festive flare! Click here to see how you can make it:

DIY Mini Valentine Heart Pocket

Now this one is one I can see the kids getting involved in! How cute would it be to have them write their names on them with glitter glue like we all did to our stockings back in the day? Here is the link to show you how we made them:

Rug Pocket Carrot

Now this carrot is so cute that bunnies will come from miles just to see it! We made it from throw rugs! Which means you will have extra material left to make one for your friends and family! See how we did it here:

DIY Carrot Pocket Using Dollar Tree Cookie Sheets

Another Easter favorite is this cute little pocket that we made from a cookie sheet from the Dollar Tree! I wanted to create a fun pocket that can be used like a bag or used as a decoration for Easter! I love how it can be used for both! Here is the link for all the details:

DIY Watermelon Pocket

Last, but certainly not least, is our Watermelon Pocket! I would encourage you to make it now for summer time! It brightens up the space you put it in! Check it out here:

I hope you all loved these DIYs as much as I do! Pockets are such a fun craft and they look great in most places! Let me know what you think!