I’m a huge crafter and seem to find myself in Hobby Lobby a lot. I often get asked where I find my craft supplies so I decided to make a blog post to show you my top picks from Hobby Lobby! I am going to list my favorite, must have items and tell you what I use them for.

1. Ribbon

An all time must have for me is ribbon. You can use any ribbon, but I personally love the lace and crochet ribbon. I use these ribbons for almost everything, but the two most popular items I make using them are my handmade banners and handmade broaches.


2. Muslin and Burlap
I buy a lot of muslin and burlap by the bulk. I use them for a lot of my crafts, but lately I have been using them to make my DIY fabric pumpkins.



3. Fabric Glue Sticks and Hot Glue Sticks

Recently I used fabric glue sticks to make a purse out of placemats, a pillowcase out of dish towels and a lace tree in a picture frame.



4. Books of Paper

If you love scrapbook paper then you will love these books of paper by Paper Studio! I use this paper for a lot of things. I’ve used it to make paper wreaths for Fourth of July, and I also like to use it for decoupage and to make paper books.



5. Bling

I’ve you’ve followed me for a while then you know I love bling and use it a lot when crafting! Most of my bling comes from Hobby Lobby and can be found in the Sew-ology section. I’ve used bling for a lot of my DIY’s including baseball bracelets, leather bracelets, purses, and even a diaper cake!




6. Knobs

Another must have are knobs. I love the variety of styles that knobs come in and I love using them here and there in my projects. Recently I used knobs to make my DIY jello mold pumpkins and DIY twine holder




7. Hang Tags

I love the hang tags from Paper Studio. I will often stain them with coffee and use letter stamps to make cute coffee stained hangtags!







8. Flowers

I also really like the flowers by Paper Studio. I like to keep a few packs of these on hand so that I can add them to DIY’s like paper books or hang tags







9. E6000 glue

I always keep E6000 glue on hand. It has worked great for me on my projects such as the DIY bird feeder and silver platter wreath.






10. Stuffing

I always have stuffing on hand. I use it in quite a few of my DIY’s and have recently used it in for DIY candy corn.







11. Battery Operated Candles

I love keeping battery operated candles around the house. They don’t cause a mess and can be run on a timer so you don’t have to worry about turning them off.






12. Doilies

Lastly, doilies are one of my most favorite and most used items. I add them to just about everything and love that they come in a wide varieties of shapes, patterns and colors. I’ve used doilies in the past for unique projects such as my DIY doily covered lamp shade.






All these items are items you will see me use a lot throughout my crafts. I hope that this blog post inspires you to think of some must have items of your own and I hope next time your in Hobby Lobby you will take a look at these items and use them to get creative!