Dive into the shabby world of DIY Angel crafts with us! From quirky ornaments to chic decor, let’s unleash our creativity and add a sprinkle of magic to our crafts!

DIY Angel Using Target Wood Ornaments

These angels were inspired by a Target find, but I’m sure that if you look around, you can find something other than these dollar spot ornaments! These angels do have a Christmas feel to them, but honestly, I love them so much, I would find a way to use them year round! Click here to check out the link:


DIY Angel Using Dollar Tree Foldable Fans

While I was at the Dollar Tree, I just knew the foldable fans would make great angel wings. What is so fun about this DIY is that the possibilities are endless. There are so many patterns and colors of fans out there, that you can really make this DIY fit your space. Click here for step by step instructions:


Craft Stick Angel

It’s no secret that I am a bit obsessed with craft sticks. I love them so much I pick them up every time I am at Walmart! For this DIY, I wanted to give this angel a patriotic feel! Check out the full DIY here:


DIY Wooden Angel

Run to Home Depot and get a 9” traditional leg from Home Depot! This is such a fun one! I love walking around stores and finding ways to make everyday objects into unique pieces! Check this one out here:


DIY Angel Using Target Cheese Board

I can just see this DIY in someone’s kitchen! This adorable angel is just made with a cheese board! I really think you should give this a try! Check out this DIY here:


DIY Angel Wings Made From A Wire Hanger

Here at the Shabby Tree, we just wing it a lot! Grab a wire hanger, and make these adorable wings! Check them out:


DIY Paper Angel With Accordion Fold

You don’t have to have crazy supplies to make cute decor! This angel is a great example of that! Sometimes simple is better! See all the supplies:


DIY Plastic Hanger Angel

Now I know you have the supplies to make this at home! Clear a bit of space and give this DIY Angel a try! Instructions here:


DIY Angel Ornament

This DIY Angel is a great stash buster for any leftover cream and white fabric that you have left from other projects! I love how this one turned out! Check it out here:


DIY Dollar Tree Angel

I’ve received many requests for crafting yard decorations using plastic items. Glass decorations can be vulnerable to damage from strong winds, animals, or children. While browsing at Dollar Tree, I discovered four items perfect for crafting a decorative angel that’s both durable and charming. This angel is versatile, adding beauty to any yard or graveside.


Soda Can Angel

Who loves a good DIY using recycled items? This little angel is the craft for you then! I just love how much personality this little guys has! Check out everything we used here:


DIY Badminton Birdie Angel

It’s summer time, so that means at BBQs, people will be breaking out the Badminton! Grab a couple of the extra birdies laying around and give this DIY a try! Link to the blog:


DIY Noodle Angel

Now for this DIY, you are going to need to go raid your pantry for some pasta! That’s right! This little guy is made out of starchy goodness! Let me know what you think! Check it out here:


DIY Rusty Cardboard Angel

Making cardboard look like metal is one of the best DIY techniques! If you can get this hack down, it opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to crafting! Check out what we did here:


DIY Decorative Angel Tree Topper

Now if you’ve been following the Shabby Tree, you know that we leave trees up year round! These angels make great tree toppers, but I also just love them as home accents! See how to make them here:


DIY Dish Towel Angel

Last, but not least is this adorable angel! This DIY dish towel angel would make an amazing house warming present! I just can’t get over how cute it is! Check it out here:


I hope these DIYs help inspire you to get creative! When it comes to crafting, there are no rules! I’m just here to give you ideas! You can take these DIYs and make them your own! Let me know if you try any of these out!