It’s Christmas in July and we are ready to get crafty! Here are some of my favorite Vintage Christmas DIYs that we have done together!

How To Make A Vintage Tree Out Of Steel Wool

We used steel wool to make this tree, but you are going to be surprised at what we used for the base! I love the way that this tree looks with my vintage decor! 


Vintage Ball Christmas Tree

This is another take on a vintage Christmas tree! I love how colorful this one is!


How To Make A Vintage Decoration Out Of A Shopping Bag

This DIY is made out of a shopping bag! Keep an eye out around Christmas anytime you go anywhere that sells these bags! They can make such a cute decoration that takes you back in time a bit!


DIY Decoupaged Christmas Box

I found some super cute wrapping paper from Marshall’s! I just used a paper mache box and made the cutest little vintage decor! 


Vintage Christmas Tree On Canvas

This tree was inspired by the old ceramic Christmas trees! I love how fun it turned out! 


DIY Vintage Star

I love decorating with fun stars throughout the year! I used some of the vintage wrapping paper I got from Marshalls for this one too!





How To Make A Christmas Ornament Out Of A Snack Bag

You guys know that I love taking everyday objects and turning them into spectacular decor! I used snack bags to make these adorable ornaments!


How to Make A Tree Topper Out Of Placemats

I decorate with vintage Santas in my living room! I found this placemat at Home Goods. I just knew that I had to find a way to use it! I ended up making it a super fun tree topper!


Hot to Make A Santa Wreath Using A Paper Placemat

This next one is on the same line as the tree topper, but we made a fabulous wreath! 


DIY Pocket Ornament

Don’t get rid of those old jeans! Make this super fun pocket ornament with it! We made several different styles of this one and I love them all so much! 


DIY Large Candy Cane

This candy cane is so easy to make and it makes a great statement piece! It fit in perfectly on my mantle!


DIY Gingerbread Man Ornament Using Dollar Tree Coco Liner

This little guy is so cute and we used a coco liner from the Dollar Tree to make him! This would be a fun one to get the grandkids involved with! Let them each decorate a gingerbread man for your tree! 


DIY Vintage Cardboard Tree

I love using colorful lights on my porch and I wanted to keep the vintage feel going throughout! I loved making this tree and the base material is cardboard! This is a great budget-friendly option!


DIY Vintage Wreath


Actual vintage wreaths are so hard to find, so we made one! I love how this one turned out! It just has so many fun elements to it!


Paper Plate Santa Hat

This is a great DIY that gives that vintage feel to your trees. They are so easy to make and you can either leave the rimming bright white or give it an older feel!


Dollar Tree DIY Candy Cane

I got this metal candy cane from the Dollar Tree and just knew that we could do something fun with it! 



DIY Ornament Tree

I wanted to create something that was simple, but colorful! I love that this tree can be customized for you space!


DIY Rudolph Decoration Using A Dollar Tree Item

This is another super fun little Dollar Tree DIY! I feel like this can add some personality to your Christmas decor!


I hope you enjoyed these DIYs and find some time to create some of them! Christmas in July is so fun because you can get ahead of the game for the holiday season!