It’s no secret that we love trees here at The Shabby Tree and we have done a TON of tree DIYs! We wanted to make it easier for you to find all of your favorites by putting them all in one place!




How To Make A Seashell Tree

When crafting, I always try to make something unique! This seashell tree is so much fun! I used a sea shell pack from Walmart, but you can collect seashells from your beach vacation!






How To Make A Tree Out Of Bowls And Cups

A follower of ours recently gave me an amazing tree made out of glass bowls and cups. I thought it would be fun to create something similar out of plastic bowls and cups.







How To Make A Tree Out Of Paper Plates

This paper plate tree DIY is so fun and simple that it would be a good one to get the kids involved with!


How To Make A Wall Tree


I made this tree because I needed a flat tree that would sit against my mantle with my vintage Santa’s! I just love how full it looks!







How To Make A Tree Out Of A Grater

This little tree made out of a grater is the perfect accent in your kitchen for Christmas! Add a taper candle and have it light up for a cozy feel! 


Resin Wood Craft



Some people are intimidated by resin, but I made this tree to show those people just how easy it is! This is a great DIY to try to master the resin technique! 


DIY Ornament Tree

The goal with this tree was to have a colorful vintage feel! We used the plastic Christmas ornaments of different sizes to really fill this tree out! 


DIY Tree Using Tumbling Tower Game


I got the tumbling tower game from the Dollar Tree and made it my mission to make a tree out of it! I love how it turned out! It is so fun and unique!


DIY Ribbon Tree

This tree is a great ribbon stash buster! If you are a crafter, I am sure you have ribbon left over from other projects. This tree is so fun, because you can try out different ribbon colors and patterns! 


Vintage Christmas Tree On Canvas

I have always loved vintage Christmas decor and one of my favorite items is a vintage ceramic Christmas tree. The lights on the ceramic Christmas trees have always caught my eye. I recently ordered a few packs of the replacement bulbs from Amazon. Check out the blog to see how we used them! 


DIY Tree Using Seed Starter Pots

I was going through my craft supplies and I noticed that I had quite a few seed starter pots! I am so happy with how this one turned out! 


DIY Americana Cone Tree

Can you guess what this flag is made out of? No? BOOKMARKS! This was so fun to make and I hope you give it a try! 


Vintage Ball Christmas Tree

I love vintage Christmas items and I wanted to create something with a few vintage ball ornaments that I picked up at a local thrift store. We seem to be always creating a variety of trees here at The Shabby Tree so I thought a vintage ball tree would be fun!


Coffee Filter Tree

A great, budget-friendly craft supply is coffee filters!  I just love how this little tree turned out! I wanted to make something unique and I feel like this looks incredible on a shelf during the holidays!


DIY Rag Tree

Rag trees are some of my favorites but they do take a long time to do! I found some rugs from 5 Below and it really sped up the process! 


DIY Spiral Beaded Tree

During the holidays, I see these trees everywhere and they are gorgeous! They are so easy to recreate and you can make them work for your space!


DIY Noodle Tree



This little tree is made from shell noodles! There are so many different DIYs that you can make with noodles so you know I had to give a tree a try! I love the way it turned out!


DIY Dollar Tree Rusty Funnel Tree

You guys know that I love to make things look rustic! I took the white plastic funnels from the Dollar Tree and turned them into funnels that you would find at an antique store! This turned out so cute!




Dollar Tree Toothpick Dispenser Craft

Some of my favorite crafts start out as something totally different! I went to the Dollar Tree looking for salt and pepper shakers and they didn’t have any. I found some plastic toothpick dispensers and knew that we could make something amazing with them! 


DIY Mesh Tube Tree Ornament

I find myself in the Dollar Tree a lot! I have been seeing packs of mesh tubes that I have never used before. This mesh tubing comes in a variety of colors and I just knew there had to be something fun and easy to make with it. Of course I had to make a tree out of it and I love how it turned out!


DIY Paper Tree Ornament

I try to inspire everyone to keep one small tree up all year long. This is a fun tree ornament that you can make any color or print that you want. This is a very easy ornament to make using the small craft paper books that you can find in the craft stores.





DIY Mop Tree


I try to inspire you all to get creative and look at things in a different way. A mop head is not known to be a craft item but you can use it for so many different crafts. Because this mop head is green we are going to create a very simple and unique tree out of it! I found mine at Home Depot!


DIY Dollar Tree Mop Pad Tree




When I am shopping I am always looking at things to see if I can create some type of tree out of it. I was in the Dollar Tree and I just knew that the mop pads that they have would make a fun and easy tree.


DIY Paper Circle Tree

Grab some coffee filters or paper doilies! These little trees are so cute and would look so cute on the front of a greeting card for the Christmas season!





DIY Pallet Tree

You all are always asking for more outdoor decor and I LOVE how these look! They are made from pallets!


DIY Wooden Shim Tree



These Wooden Shim Trees are great for year-round decor! You could paint them any color you want that would match your space!






DIY Glass Jar Tree

This is such a fun DIY to use up some of those extra doilies that you have laying around! I really love how this one turned out. I love any decor that lights up! 


DIY Cloth Tree



The idea for this tree came from the fact that I needed a place to hang my broaches! I love how it turned out and I really think you can use this tree anywhere in your home! 





Popsicle Stick Tree Ornament

This is a great one to get the kids involved in! You will need a variety of sizes of popsicle sticks and you can either use ribbon or washi tape to decorate! 





DIY Mini Rag Tree

If you want a simple and run project then you’re going to love this one. I love trees and this small rag tree can be made with any color or print material that will go with your decor.





DIY Lampshade Tree



Now whenever I find myself in Goodwill, I am always drawn to the lampshades! I am so glad that I had a little collection going because I absolutely love how these trees turned out! 




DIY Rustic Grapevine Tree

I wanted to create a tree that is unique and can be kept up all year long. I have always loved grapevine items so I thought why not make a grapevine tree? I wanted something that had a more rustic look and this turned out perfect!





How To Make A Tree Out Of Candle Rings

I love this tree! The way that the different candle rings give this tree such a unique look is absolutely gorgeous! 


How To Make A Grinch Tree

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I love the Grinch! This is such a fun tree! 



How To Make A Red Cardinal Tree



I love little cardinals and the cardinals seem to love my yard! I wanted to find a way to incorporate my little friends into a DIY and what is better than a cardinal tree?



How To Make A Tree Out Of Canning Jar Lids

This tree is so fun and unique! You guys know I love a DIY that lights up! We used canning jar lids for this one to give it that unique factor! I love how this turned out! 


How To Get Creative With A Little Trees Air Freshener




DIY Tree Using Doilies

It is no secret that I love doilies here and we use them in crafts all the time! It just felt right to create a doily tree!




Tree Made From Repurposed Wooden Thread Spools



Ok I’m going through my craft supplies and I realize I have a lot of old wooden thread spools. We have created a few things in the past out of wooden spools but I thought it would be fun to create a tree with a few.




DIY Rope Tree

This is such a fun project! It looks totally different from anything else we have created here! It can be customized by using different beads! 





DIY Halloween Tree Using Felt

When I made this tree, I was trying to come up with something that had a vintage feel for Halloween! I love how it turned out! 


Diy Pom Pom Tree Using A Garland




For this tree, you have to keep your eye out in some of the home decor stores for these pom pom garlands! There are so many possibilities when it comes to this tree! It can be made for any season depending on what kind of garland you can find! 








DIY Candy Corn Tree





I have so much fun trying to incorporate trees into every holiday and season! I just had to make this candy corn tree and I love how it turned out!






DIY Dollar Tree Tile Tree

So we have made several DIYs with these tiles from the Dollar Tree! It just felt right to make a tree out of them! The lights really make this DIY stand out! 





DIY Paper Tree On Canvas




It is so fun to play with different mediums and try something new! This was such a fun one to make! You could get some friends together and have a fun crafting party with this one!





DIY Funnel Tree Using Dollar Tree Poster Boards





No one would ever guess that this DIY was made out of poster board! We got our poster board from the dollar tree! This DIY would also look amazing in gold! 





DIY Tree Of Life Wreath

I’ve always wanted to make a Tree Of Life so I thought a wreath would be perfect! I got all the supplies I needed from the Dollar Tree! I love how it turned out! 






Wooden Shim And Lace Tree


DIY Faux Grapevine Tree Using Brown Craft Paper



Ok we all seem to love the look of a grapevine tree but let’s be real they are a mess to make. A grapevine tree is an amazing decoration to add to your home. We have been using a lot of brown craft paper here at The Shabby Tree which gave me the idea to try and use it for creating a tree similar to a grapevine tree.






Christmas Card Tree Craft






I’m always getting asked what we can make out of our old Christmas cards. An amazing follower of ours sent me an idea and I knew I had to give it a try. You can create an amazing decorative tree using recycled Christmas cards.


DIY Vintage Cardboard Tree




So when I made this DIY, I was decorating for Christmas and I was using colored lights on my front porch! I wanted to make something vintage that would really pop! 






DIY Tinsel Tree

This is such a fun and easy DIY that is perfect for giving your space a little extra sparkle! It is super simple to make and can be made in any color of tinsel you can find!





Diy Light Up Tree Using Lamp Shades




This is another little tree that I made with lamp shades and I have to say, I love the effect that it gives off! It can make a place feel so cozy!





Water Bottle Craft




Save up those water bottles! We are always trying to find ways to incorporate recycled items into DIYs. Of course we had to make a tree! I love how fun and simple it is!





Rag Rug DIY Tree







I bought some amazing rag rugs from Five Below and I just can’t believe they are only $5.00. These rugs will give you amazing pieces of material. There are so many things you can create with these rugs. I want to create some fun and colorful trees out of the strips of material from these rugs.





DIY Puzzle Tree




Ok a few years ago I found some wooden puzzle trees in Walmart at Christmas time and I just loved them. They were two pieces of wood that fit together like a puzzle to form a wooden tree. I had been creating a few items out of foam board and we had been creating the foam board to look like wood. The puzzle tree did not look complicated and I just knew we can easily create one out of foam board.





Wooden Biscuit Tree Ornament







I love these little wood biscuits from Home Depot! You can make so many different things out of them! I love how this tree ornament turned out! 






DIY Chunky Yarn Tree




Looking to make your space feel a bit more cozy? This DIY chunky yarn tree is perfect to add a little warmth and sparkle to your space!





DIY Tin Cone Shaped Tree




For this DIY, you will need to take a walk down the kitchen aisle in the Dollar Tree! We used these dollar tree cookie sheets and made these really fun trees! 


DIY Bottle Brush Tree Ornament





I love bottle brush trees! When I saw these little ones, I just knew we had to make our own winter wonderland with them! This little ornament is so cute!





DIY Coffee Filter Tree Ornament




Coffee filters should be a staple for every crafter! These little guys were so fun to make! It would be fun to make a bunch of blanks and let the kids paint them! They would have their own little tree in their room!





DIY Shadow Box Tree



I am always on the lookout for things we can make trees out of! I found these little triangles at the Dollar Trees and just knew we could create some awesome trees with them!





Terra Cotta Pot Craft

I seem to have a lot of terra cotta pots and I just knew there had to be a few ways to get creative with them. I wanted to create something that can light up. You can easily drill holes through terra cotta pots which popped a few ideas into my head. I love how this tree turned out! It made it have such a cozy feel!





DIY Christmas Tree Dress Form




We made this dress form a while back and I wanted to take it a step further and make it even more unique! I gave this little angel a Christmasy feel with the red berries in the tree skirt!